an implementation of Python in Common Lisp

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CLPython is an open-source implementation of Python written in Common Lisp.
It aims to bridge the Python and Lisp worlds, so you can:

The project was started in 2006, and is currently (2013) not under active development anymore.

The clpython-devel mailing list is closed, but the archives (2006 - 2013) are available.

You can now report issues, ideas and patches via the GitHub issue tracker.

You can download and install CLPython using Quicklisp, which will resolve dependencies automatically:

  • (ql:quickload "clpython")

Or use ASDF.

The CLPython source code repository is hosted on GitHub:

CLPython can be run in the following Common Lisp implementations:

CLPython is released as open source under the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License (LLGPL).

CLPython is developed by Willem Broekema, with support from Franz Inc.